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The effectiveness of plants : Hangover Remedies

Security Feel Better combines ingredients of natural origin whose active properties have been recognized for thousands of years. Effective separately, each plant that makes up the exclusive formula becomes even more effective upon contact with the other ones. Here is the genius of Security Feel Better formula’s inventors ; its strength and its difference. Discover the properties of Security Feel Better’s key active ingredients.

Angelica – Angelica archangelica

The name “angelica” comes from the Greek word “angelos”, the “messenger”. Angelica has been well known since the 10th century and was early on cultivated around monasteries. As an antispasmodic and gastric tonic, angelica is especially used for the treatment of indigestion and blood circulation problems. This plant is known for calming bowel pain and spasms and for easing bile discharge.

Yunnan tea - Cameliasinensis

Tea, a stimulating drink, has been recognized in China since Antiquity. On its importation to Europe, the Jesuits already presented it as a digestive plant. The Yunnan tea’s name comes from the mountainous area in which it is cultivated. It is purgative and favours the dispersal of fat and helps the intestinal and digestive functions. After a meal, it brings about a feeling of wellbeing and lightness.

Artichoke – Cyanarascolymus

The artichoke’s positive effects on health are numerous; the antioxidant ones being particularly recognized. It is a hepatoprotector and regenerative of the hepatic cells: it protects the liver and stimulates its regeneration. Artichoke is recommended for hepatic congestion (i.e. liver fatigue) and bile congestion (by helping to evacuate vesicular bile) as well as in the case of indigestion.

Lemon – Citrus

Lemon is a powerful antioxidant and antispasmodic and also contains vitamin C, whose action on alcohol concentration kinetics is recognized. It is also a diuretic and antiseptic fruit.

Pear flavour

Unlike traditional products made from plants known for their bitterness, Security Feel Better has just enough pear flavour to give it a pleasant, slightly sweet taste. Appreciated for its mildness, this flavour guarantees a sophisticated taste.


The Security Feel Better vegetal components are carefully selected and rigorously controlled, to guarantee the high quality required for its sale.

Their transformation is done in optimum sanitary conditions by a globally reputed laboratory in order to guarantee a quality product.


L'efficacité des plantes


Security Feel Better in some words

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