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* What is Security Feel Better?

It is a non-alcoholic drink made from plants extracts (artichoke, angelica, Yunnan tea...) which enables a better and faster assimilation of the food and drink you consume.

*How to consume Security Feel Better?

Security Feel Better is a 3-cl mignonette which is ready to consume and it is unnecessary to dilute it.
Like a shot, the full bottle should be drunk.

* When is the best time to drink Security Feel Better?

For better results, you should take SECURITY FEEL BETTER after your last glass or at the end of the meal.

*I have a hangover this morning, should I take Security Feel Better?

Ouch! Security Feel Better can help you in a moderate way. But the best is to anticipate the hangover in order not to suffer from it. As a result, we recommend drinking Security Feel Better the day before, at the latest when going to bed, so that you can benefit from its preventive action.

* How many bottles do I need to take to have the desired effect?

Generally speaking, one full bottle of 3cl is enough. However, in case of over-indulging, we advise drinking two mignonettes at separate intervals.

* What does it taste like?

You will be pleasantly surprised by its attractive and slightly sweet pear flavour. It is above all the pear touch which predominates the plants’ one. You will probably think that it tastes like a famous iced tea drink.

* How long does it take for Security Feel Better to be effective?

After conducting numerous tests, we have noticed that the effects of Security Feel Better can be felt on average 30 to 45 minutes after a full bottle has been taken.

* How can a product made of plants be so effective?

It is the result of 6 years of intensive research, based on the very precise combination of key “benefactor” plants.

* Does it work for everyone?

The action of Security Feel Better is undeniable but each body is different and the results may vary from one person to another one.

*Is it an energy drink?

Not at all, Security Feel Better contains no stimulant such as taurine or guarana.

*Is it a medicine?

Security Feel Better is not a medicine because it does not aim to treat, cure or even prevent any illness.

*I am pregnant; can I take Security Feel Better?

Congratulations! A moderate consumption of herbal teas is not contraindicated for pregnant women so it is the same for our drink.

* How long can the product be kept?

Security Feel Better should be consumed within 2 years following its production. Note: do not wait more than 12 hours after opening the bottle before consuming the product. Beyond these limits, the effects and the flavour could be affected. For its conservation, Security Feel Better should be stored in a dark place with a temperature between 0°C and 30°C.

* Where can we buy Security Feel Better?

Security Feel Better is sold in numerous points of sales in France: supermarkets, tobacconists’, cafés and restaurants... You wish to know the different points of sale? click here.

You can also order Security Feel Better via our internet website by using your credit card (secure payment). If you wish to do so, click here.


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